Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why is better than Ford, General Motors

In addition to large companies, General Motors and Ford Motor Company's two largest domestic manufacturers, or their Detroit, Michigan, each with headquarters are located in the vicinity. Both companies have been around for more than a century, and horse, Cadillac, Corvette, provide such household names and F-150. Ford most definitely I will outline the reasons for the better of the two companies is as follows.

Ford did not go bankrupt - in 2008, was broken when the auto industry, GM, Ford and Chrysler sought the assistance of the federal government, in a bid to save their respective functions. Feds have right loan for GM and Chrysler, but Ford rejected, argued that Ford had enough cash on hand to survive. Feds were right: GM and Chrysler went bankrupt in 2009 while Ford has stayed solvent and short selling soon has a huge advantage. GM needs more than 50 billion dollars in loans to survive and eventually began making money again.

Ford beats Chevy - constantly, Chevy Products Ford products beat in most categories. Fusion, it's true, Camaro Mustang now outsells, but the focus is outselling Cruise Malibu, Aveo and Fiesta Ford F-150 outselling the Chevy Silverado beats year after year outsells. Ford's top selling brand in America, beating out the Chevrolet and Toyota month after month.

Ford tops in quality - quality beats Ford and Lincoln Cadillac Chevrolet outperforms. Ford in recent years the level of quality with Toyota and Honda to where it has been lifted. GM has seen improvement as well, but Consumer Reports and JD Power and Associates surveys including the most is the lack of power. Chevrolet Impala, Buick Lucerne and Cadillac STS models such as the old, are put GM back of the pack.

Chevrolet's game against the Ford products and that you are usually the best value of the car holding Ford, Chevrolet will not - Ford's high resale value. Indeed, even the price Ford Fusion Toyota Camry, the best selling car in America maintains better. Selected as the Chevrolet Aveo cars, GM Daewoo products, spoiled the quality of the cars, a Ford Fiesta can not match. resale value than comparable Ford and Chevy products to go.

Ford is 2 to 4: an area where the wins by the sheer number of brands GM - GM's huge brand. As recently as 2009, GM's eight brands, led by 3, but still very automaker Ford for many brands, with Toyota and Honda compete effectively maintain. More brands, more models to maintain their models which is why Ford is able to update faster than GM.

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